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​Farm-Land Strategies LLC specializes in farm management, rural appraisal, agricultural consulting, farmland real estate sales, poultry farm management and poultry farm sales, and wildlife and recreational property leasing and management.

Farm-Land Strategies is a family owned professional farmland services firm whose members include farm managers, real estate specialists, attorneys and accountants, with more than five generations of personal farm ownership and crop production experience.  

All Farm-Land Strategies LLC agents are experienced in production agriculture, row crop, cattle and poultry farming and are experienced outdoorsman to maximize hunting/fishing, recreational property purchases and sales. 

Farm-Land Strategies offers: 
All of our farm managers have ag business degrees and are skilled at improving   
   return on investment (ROI) 
Expertise with ever-changing agricultural economy and technologies
Farm managers, real estate specialists, agriculture attorneys, and farm           
   accountants, with more than five generations of personal farm ownership and crop 
   production experience.  
Experienced farmland agents in production agriculture, row crop and cattle
Three generations working together (pooling their more than 100 years of farm and 
   professional experience)

Who we Serve?
Individuals or families that have lived on a farm all their life
Individuals that have inherited a farm
Institutional and private investors looking to invest in Arkansas farmland
Trusts and foundations that have been left farm land 

As a farmland investor, you need a farm management company that values your investment and knows the importance of its success. There are many reasons people buy farmland including:

Farmland value/prices remain stable during economic downturns
Current technology has increased over the last decade, creating better yields
Asset appreciation
Strong return on investment (ROI)

The bottom line is land ownership is a stable, profitable investment.