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• Evaluate Current Legal Structures with Client Goals
• Evaluate Effects of Government Regulations/Compliance/Opportunities
• Evaluate Current Leasing Arrangements/Alternatives
• Implement & Maintain Asset Protection Strategies 
• Design, Implement & Maintain Client Oriented Succession Plan
• Optimize Legal Structures to Maximize Client Profits & Protections

Risk Management is an absolute necessity in today’s climate for all business and land owners. With all comprehensive planning clients, Farm-Land Strategies LLC will review the current legal structures in place in light of the clients’ goals.

Often changes to these structures will provide protection against high risks that are unrelated to the ownership of lands. An easy to understand example of such risk would be the air plane mechanic (a high risk occupation) who wants to own a farm. We would want to place the ownership of the land inside an entity that would provide it and him protection from the risks inherent in his own personal profession.

Likewise all contracts and agreements associated with the working lands will be evaluated in light of the best interest of the client and their needs. This not only includes the lease agreement but also includes being aware of all government programs that may affect the lands and its related values and revenues.

Designing the optimal plan of structured legal ownership will not only protect the assets from risks of third parties but will also lend the potential for reduced income taxes and estate taxes, risk due to divorce, and other such asset depleting issues that life may bring.

Farm-Land Strategies LLC is unique in the fact that these services are offered directly through its membership in a sister organization, Private Client Services Group, LLC, allowing these services to be coordinated with the goals and plans in place, without the necessity of bringing in unrelated professionals who may not fully understand the current plan. 

To create, implement, and maintain a legal ownership structure which will increase value and revenues to the landowner, summarizes the work of Farm-Land Strategies LLC for all comprehensive farm-land management clients. 
• Communication & Planning with Client & Tax Advisors
• Minimum Quarterly Reporting (including regular on-site visits)
• Third/Fourth Quarter Tax Planning
• Tax Strategy Implementation
• Overseeing Tax Reporting Consistent with Strategies

Often the best laid plans, whether tax focused or otherwise, are lost when not fully implemented by those responsible for tax reporting.

With Farm-Land Strategies LLC, tax and income planning are foremost in the plan designed to increase revenues and values.  

Not only is tax planning and tax strategies a primary focus and considered a key piece to our success for clients, it allows the landowner to achieve actual returns on investments that would otherwise be lost.

The planning phase, after first structured, is then monitored during the third and fourth quarters annually in order to seize the best tax opportunities before year-end. This magnifies the point that planning is key to meeting our goals in this arena. 

We undergird all tax planning with accounting services that allow accurate and meaningful reporting to the client as well as to required government agencies.

To create, implement, and maintain an accounting and tax structure which will increase value and revenues to the landowner, summarizes the work of Farm-Land Strategies LLC for all comprehensive farm-land management clients.