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Farm-Land Strategies can help you make the most out of your farming operation. We work for the land owner and only on their behalf. We are their agent and do not profit from any other industry or third party. We provide a non-bias representation for the land owner. Farm-Land Strategies serves farm owners by offering some or all the following services:

Farmland Management Services
Farmer/Tenant Selection
Contract and Lease Negotiations 
Whole Farm Planning for short and long term goals
Soil Conservation and Analysis 
Land Improvement Projects (land leveling and irrigation)
Crop Marketing /Planning 
FSA and NRCS Sign Up

Farm Return on Investment Analysis
USDA Government Program Participation Analysis
Farmland Equipment Analysis (Grain bins and Irrigation)
Crop Production Reports by field
Farmland Budgeting & Expense Reports  
Detailed Accounting Reports beginning and end of year

Farmland Usage Analysis 
Crop Rotation Recommendations 
Wildlife Habitat Management 
Recreational Hunting/Fishing Leasing 
Timber, oil and gas and other mineral interests
Farmland Improvement Analysis 
Conservation Program Implementation  

In order to develop a farmland management plan, Farm-Land Strategies valuates each client’s unique situation. Based on the client’s farm management needs we can develop short and long-term farm management plans to meet your farm ownership goals.  

If you decide that professional farmland management would benefit you in this time of ever-changing markets, you should be represented and informed by a full-time farmland manager who has expertise in land ownership and farm production and provides hands-on management.

As professional farm managers we can help you achieve your farm ownership goals. We will create, implement, and maintain a farmland management plan that will increase your farmland value and revenues. Contact our farm management company to get started on your farmland plan.